Specialty Cake Menu

Two-layer 6" round starting at $38

Two-layer 8" round starting at $48


Mini Cakes - 4" two-layer starting at $15

All Specialty Cakes can be made gluten-free except for Cookies n' Cream.

Hot Cocoa Cake (Winter Seasonal - Starting December 1st)

Two-layer. Chocolate cake. Chocolate buttercream, ganache and mini marshmallow filling. Finished with chocolate buttercream, ganache, vanilla buttercream, mini marshmallows and dusted with cocoa powder.


Gingerbread Latte (December Only)

Two-layer. Gingerbread cake. Coffee buttercream filling with crushed gingerbread cookies. Coffee buttercream to finish with gingerbread star cookies and sparking sugar. 


Apple Pie Cake

Two layer. Cinnamon cake. Apple pie filling and buttery streusel filling. Vanilla buttercream to finish with apple pie filling and streusel crumb topping. 


French Toast

Two-layer. Cinnamon cake. Maple buttercream and streusel filling. Maple buttercream to finish with streusel topping and dusted with cinnamon sugar. 

Strawberry Shortcake Crunch

("Good Humor Ice Cream Bar" Cake)


Three-layer. A layer of vanilla cake sandwiched between two layers of strawberry cake. Strawberry Buttercream filling. Cream cheese frosting with strawberry crunch encasing the whole cake to finish. 

Funfetti Crunch Cake (Birthday Cake!)

Two-layer. Funfetti cake. Vanilla buttercream filling with sprinkles and crushed vanilla sandwich cookies. Vanilla buttercream finish with sprinkles and crushed vanilla sandwich cookies on top.



Three-layer. One layer each chocolate, strawberry, vanilla cake.

Strawberry buttercream filling. Vanilla and strawberry buttercream and ganache drip to finish. 


Cookie Dough


Two-layer. Chocolate chip vanilla cake. Vanilla buttercream filling with cookie dough chunks and mini chips. Vanilla Buttercream to finish with cookie dough truffles, chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle. 

Peanut Butter Cup

Two-layer. Chocolate cake. Peanut butter buttercream filling and finish with ganache top coat with drip. Finished with ganache and peanut butter caramel drizzle and peanut butter cups on top. 

Cookies n' Cream

Two-layer. Chocolate Cake. Cookies n' cream buttercream (finely ground chocolate sandwich cookies folded into our vanilla buttercream frosting) filling. Cookies n' cream buttercream to finish with ganache top coat and drip with chocolate sandwich cookie detail with vanilla buttercream piping and cookie crumbs. 


Jeanette Cake

Two-layer. Lemon cake. Lemon pastry cream filling. Vanilla (or strawberry) buttercream finish, topped with jeanettes and lots of jeanette sprinkles. 

Root Beer Float 

Two-layer. Root beer cake. Vanilla buttercream inside. Root beer and vanilla buttercream finish, drizzled with chocolate ganache. Topped with sprinkles and cherries. 

 Prices do not include 8% sales tax.   

Three-Layer 6" round starting at $45

Three-layer 8" round starting at $55

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